Time Sifter


Brief summary of project

Time Sifter is a viewer-controlled environment immersed in visuals and sounds that plays on the theme of the time-machine in the digital age, and suggests a journey in time through motion, space and sound. A totem pole shaped steel construction, composed of circular wooden sieves, hand-crafted in Istanbul and retrofitted with projection material, is both the mechanism and the metaphor of sifting time. Each sieve flips around the x-axis (initiated by the viewer). With each flip the video's content changes so the viewer has control over re-creating the environment, the video sequences and the narrative.

Project Description

The interface:

A totem pole shaped steel construction, composed of circular wooden sieves hand crafted in Istanbul and retrofitted with projection material is hung from the ceiling. The translucent nature of the mesh creates a two layered three dimensional effect on the screened video inside the round sieve and hence an additional experience of time and space. The height of the top sieve is eight feet, and the bottom sieve is at knee height. The sieves sit inside custom rings so that the totem shape is solid. Each sieve inside its ring has the ability to flip around the x- axis. Each sieve has its original mesh on one side and screening material on the other side. The rear projector sends circular images framed by each sieve. The idea is that the viewer will interact with data that is composed of images and sounds to create a more immediate environment that would hopefully touch and evoke emotions that are universal, collective and personal, all at the same time. The intention is not to talk about a specific memory or a specific time. It is not a replica of the naive cinematic time-machine. It is about the concept of time itself; the concept of space and time.


The videos and sounds:

Sifting time, sifting thoughts, the concept of time, the relationship between time and memory, time and space, time and a time-machine—it all sums up to one word: Motion. And so Time Sifter is composed of videos of motion and movement: Motion through driving; through walking; through observing. There are videos in which the camera is in motion, recording things that are still, such as videos of landscape while driving. There are videos in which the camera is still, recording other things in motion, such as traffic, people walking, boats at sea, birds flying. In some of the videos the original sound was kept; in others there is no sound; and in one separate sound sequence there is the sound of the Muezzin, as recorded in Istanbul, in real time intervals: 5:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m., 3 p.m., 6 p.m., and midnight.


User interaction:

The viewer flips the sieves by hand. Each time the sieve is flipped the video content is changed. The viewer creates unique sequences. This enables the viewer to see the video at different points in time — past, present, and future, across multiple screens. The viewer can also play with the sieves/screens to create a new randomly-generated visual environment. By this interaction, the viewer experiences both real and metaphorical travel in time and space.